Top Four Reasons You Need Los Angeles Invisalign

December 8, 2015

los angeles invisalignIf you’re dealing with the damaging, stressful effects of imperfect teeth, the last thing you want to do is mar your smile even further with noticeable metal braces. Thankfully, there’s a better option for busy adults and teens: you can choose Los Angeles Invisalign at the office of Dr. Les Latner. They’re clear plastic aligners that straighten teeth invisibly, and — well, keep reading for the top four reasons you need Invisalign in 2016!


West Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Creates Flawless Smiles

November 17, 2015

west los angeles cosmetic dentistI want you to do something for me right now: look in the mirror and smile.

What grade would you give your teeth? A perfect 10? A more modest 8? If it’s anything less than that, we want you to know something. You deserve better. As your West Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Les Latner truly believes everyone should have a flawless smile. Having beautiful teeth is good for your health, confidence and self-esteem — and that’s why the doctor loves providing excellence in cosmetic dentistry for all of Los Angeles. Read on to learn how Dr. Latner is exceptionally qualified to transform your smile — because you deserve teeth you feel great about.


Get Straighter Teeth With Los Angeles Invisalign Dentist Dr. Les Latner

September 15, 2015

smile with los angeles invisalign alignment traysHigh school can be brutal. Gym class, pop quizzes, lunchtime — you don’t miss it, do you? Thankfully, once we leave those halls, the list of “embarrassing” things we have to endure gets a lot shorter. For one thing, you don’t need to worry about bulky, noticeable metal braces. That’s because metal braces for adults are… well, they’re just not a thing anymore.

Dr. Les Latner, DDS: Your Trusted Los Angeles Dentist

September 8, 2015

beautiful smiles from the trusted los angeles dentist dr. les latnerWhen you choose a dentist, you want to make sure he or she is someone you can trust — someone with experience, and compassion. Not only that, but you want to feel at home with the whole team so that from the very moment you walk through the door, you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Dr. Latner Helps West LA Families Treat and Prevent Gum Disease

February 28, 2015

99076096How important is your dental health? If it’s important, you should learn how to prevent gum disease, your oral health’s biggest threat. Your mouth contains billions of gum disease causing bacteria. Gum disease is the most common chronic bacterial infection in adult patients. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of Americans over age 30, and over 70% of those age 65 or older, have some form of gum disease. The good news is that, with regular dental checkups and proper daily oral hygiene, it’s possible to prevent gum disease. If you already have gum disease, Dr. Latner offers treatment that can successfully reverse gum disease damage and prevent it from reoccurring. Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates for the gum disease therapy you need to protect your health. Westside Dental Associates serves families daily throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Gum Disease?

Bacteria can accumulate on your teeth as plaque. Over time, plaque buildup can harden and become trapped at the base of your teeth. Once plaque hardens, it turns into tartar. Plaque and tartar can cause damage to your teeth and gums if not removed with regular dental cleanings. They can lead to inflamed and infected gums, and early stage gum disease, gingivitis. This stage is easier to treat because it only affects the gums. Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to a more serious condition known as periodontitis. Periodontitis causes deep pockets, or spaces, to form between your teeth and gums. As pocket depths increase, periodontitis can also cause your gums to recede, exposing the roots of your teeth and allowing bacteria to grow beneath your gum line. Over time, your bones, gum, and connective tissues are destroyed. Eventually, teeth shift, loosen, and need to be removed.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

Early stage gum disease treatment, root scaling and planning, is non-surgical and non- invasive. Dr. Latner will remove plaque and tarter deposits to control the growth of bacteria and encourage healthy tissue generation. Scaling removes plaque and tarter from the teeth below the gum line. Root planning then smoothes the root surface, so that the supportive tissue can better re-attach to your tooth surface. These treatments may be all that’s needed to reverse bone or tissue loss due to periodontal disease. More advanced periodontitis, however, may require bone and tissue grafting, or gum recontouring surgeries, to repair long ignored gum disease damage.

Do You Need Gum Disease Treatment?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may need gum disease treatment:

  • Red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums
  • Pockets or deep spaces forming between your teeth and gums
  • Loosened or shifting teeth
  • Chronic bad breath

West LA Gum Disease Treatment Appointments

Since early gum disease symptoms are often mild, many patients fail to take action until their condition becomes serious. Failing to seek gum disease treatment can lead to painful and expensive surgery in the future. Don’t let this happen to you. Make your gum disease treatment appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today. Dr. Latner is an experienced general and restorative dentist, now proudly serving patients throughout West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the neighboring communities.

Invisalign: The Orthodontics Solution for Busy West Los Angeles Adults and Teens

January 15, 2015

85449924No time to fix your smile? Dr. Latner understands that it’s sometimes difficult to make time for the dental treatment you need to improve your smile. That’s why he’s always looking for new ways to make your dental treatment more efficient. With this in mind, Dr. Latner now offers quick and convenient orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign is a modern alternative to traditional bracket and wire braces. Invisalign is made of a series of custom-fitted clear plastic aligners, designed to incrementally move your teeth into proper position. All you have to do is switch out your aligners every couple of weeks. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign checkups are quick and painless. The treatment typically takes about 12 months for adults, and about 24 months for teens. However, with Invisalign, your braces are barely noticeable, and you won’t have to make any changes to your already busy lifestyle. It’s time to finally get the orthodontic treatment you’ve been putting off; make your Invisalign consultation appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today.  Your 90064 family dentist restores smiles daily throughout West Los Angeles and the surrounding communities including: Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park and Mar Vista.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign is faster and more convenient than traditional metal braces. Benefits include:

  • Clear aligners that are virtually invisible
  • Smooth comfortable plastic aligners
  • Aligners that are easily removable for oral hygiene or special occasions
  • You can still eat and drink whatever you want

How Do You Get Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are made of strong and virtually invisible, clear plastic. To start your Invisalign treatment, Dr. Latner will take your dental impressions, x-rays, and photographs. This information is sent to the Invisalign labs, and a plaster mold is made and scanned into a computer creating a three dimensional model. Invisalign technicians will then separate your teeth in the model and move them to their ideal positions as prescribed by Dr. Latner. Custom software then simulates the movement of your teeth into their new positions in stages. Dr. Latner will approve the simulation, and your new plastic resin aligners will be fabricated for each stage of your treatment. Finally, you’ll receive your new clear aligners and begin your treatment, exchanging them every two weeks as your treatment progresses.

West Los Angeles Invisalign Appointments

For the best results, Invisalign clear braces should be worn for at least 20 hours per day. However, you can always remove the aligners to eat, and brush and floss your teeth. Make an appointment with Dr. Latner for an Invisalign consultation at Westside Dental Associates today.  The sooner you schedule an appointment, the sooner you’ll be able to show off your brand new smile. Dr. Latner is a trusted 90064 dentist, proudly serving patients of all ages throughout West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and nearby cities.

Are Genetic Dental Problems a Myth?

September 29, 2014

177035393The answer to this question is both yes and no. Genetic dental problems are no myth. Scientists have found that genetic factors cause about 60% of the risk for tooth decay. While tooth decay isn’t an actual gene in the body, your genes do determine factors that are directly related to your ability to avoid tooth decay. Dr. Latner is an experienced Los Angeles area dentist that can help you find a treatment plan to fix your dental problems if you find yourself on the losing end of genetic tooth decay risk factors.

Genetics Can Increase the Risk of Developing Dental Problems

You can’t blame your parents for all of your dental problems, but you can blame them for passing on a few risk factors. Scientists have identified five genetically determined factors that affect your body’s ability to combat tooth decay.

  • Sweet Preference- The stronger your genetic preference for all things sweet and sugary, the more likely you are to overindulge, which will increase your risk for tooth decay.
  • Enamel Strength- If you have inherited soft enamel, it will be easier for bacteria to find a home there, which can lead to more cavities.
  • Tasting Ability- Some people possess the ability to perceive a wider variety of flavors than others. Though research has not yet discovered why this is the case, studies have revealed links between taste ability and cavities. The greater measure of your ability to taste a variety of flavors, the less likely you are to have tooth decay.
  • Saliva Strength- Saliva plays a big role in the proper metabolization of nutrients like calcium and potassium. Genetics make some people better at this metabolization process than others.
  • Microbiome- Your body’s immune system response to these communities of bacteria in the mouth can affect your ability to fight off tooth decay.

Dr. Latner Can Help Los Angeles, CA Patients Fight Genetic Risk Factors for Dental Problems

The remaining 40% risk of tooth decay can be attributed to environmental factors. These include your diet, dental hygiene habits, smoking habits, access to dental care, culture, and some socio-economic factors. The most widespread environmental factor increasing the risk of tooth decay is the consumption of sugary drinks. Although tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in the world, an important factor to decrease your risk of tooth decay is to get regular dental check-ups from an experienced dentist. Dr. Latner has been helping his patients fight tooth decay and perfect their smiles for many years. You can contact Dr. Latner today to fight back against tooth decay and protect your healthy smile. He proudly serves all Los Angeles, CA communities including Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista and West LA.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Boom

September 10, 2014

187872302It’s hard to think of dentistry without thinking of teeth whitening, veneers, or natural looking porcelain crowns. However, dental treatments weren’t always focused on improving both the health and appearance of your teeth. In the not so distant past, dental treatment only concerned itself with the treatment and cure of dental maladies like tooth decay and gum disease.  Today, having good-looking teeth has merged with having a healthy mouth, and cosmetic dentistry is now a part of an all-inclusive dental treatment package. Although not an official branch of dentistry according to the ADA, cosmetic dentistry has fast become one of the most popular type dental solutions. Dr. Latner works to provide Los Angeles, CA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, West LA, and the surrounding communities with comprehensive treatment plans, each designed to address both the health and appearance of their teeth.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry encompasses any procedure that improves the appearance of your teeth. This includes: removing teeth stains, professional teeth whitening, reshaping teeth, filling gaps and cracks, placing crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, dental implants and oral restorations through dental fillings. Advancements in technology have made it possible to get these restorations done and enhance the appearance of your teeth in a single dental visit. Whitening or bleaching is by far the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the United States.

Why is cosmetic dentistry so important?

Many surveys have shown that tooth loss and decay can significantly deteriorate quality of life for most people. Improved appearance is directly proportional to improved self-esteem. Imperfect smiles can effect personal self esteem and diminish confidence. This can affect your ability to form healthy personal relationships, and can also affect school and work productivity. Simply put, your smile is important.

Representing approximately 41 percent of the total population, Baby Boomers are the first generation to realize the importance of a great smile. The appearance of our teeth naturally changes as we get older. They may stain, yellow or decay. Baby Boomers made the move from hygiene to image enhancement. This desire to improve appearance — partnered with significant advances in the cosmetic dental industry itself — has contributed to the rise of cosmetic dentistry.

Quality Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA

Although having a great looking smile is important, your first priority should be to have a healthy smile. Dr. Latner will work with you to achieve this goal while also addressing your aesthetic concerns. In this case, health and beauty go hand in hand. Continuing advancement in biomimetics (mimicking nature) and biocompatibility (implants that match perfectly with the body and work permanently without causing any harm) have set the stage for the future of cosmetic dentistry industry. Contact Dr. Latner today to achieve your perfect smile. Dr. Latner proudly serves all of Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, West LA, and the surrounding communities.

Discreet Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign at Westside Dental Associates

April 10, 2014

Shutterstock InvisalignStraight, healthy teeth are largely considered the foundation for a beautiful smile, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be born with properly aligned teeth. For many adults and image-conscious adolescents, the idea of wearing traditional metal braces to correct a crooked smile simply isn’t appealing. At Westside Dental Associates in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Les Latner offers a cosmetically preferable alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment in the form of Invisalign clear braces.

Will Invisalign Work for Me?

The Invisalign clear braces system has quickly become the preferred method to effectively straighten teeth for countless teens and adults in America, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Rather than utilizing bulky metal brackets and wires to gradually ease teeth into their proper positions, Invisalign incorporates customized clear plastic aligners that fit your unique dentition precisely. The aligners are comfortable, virtually invisible, and can be quickly and easily removed for eating, cleaning, and brushing the teeth.

Another advantage of Invisalign clear aligners is the speed at which the system works. Whereas regular orthodontic braces can take years to provide desired results, Invisalign offers a straighter, healthier smile in the span of about 8 to 12 months on average. You can feel free to smile comfortably and confidently as the clear aligners safely and effectively straighten your teeth. A consultation with Dr. Latner will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of this treatment and its innumerable benefits.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you have always wanted a straighter, more beautiful smile but have hesitated to seek orthodontic treatment because metal braces simply don’t fit your lifestyle, Dr. Latner can help. Contact our office in Los Angeles, CA today to schedule your one-on-one consultation and discover the difference our cosmetic dentistry solutions can make for you. Our family-friendly dental office happily welcomes patients from throughout the Los Angeles area and surrounding communities, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Venice, Rancho Park, Culver City, Mar Vista, West LA, Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, and beyond.

Cosmetic Dentistry in time for Valentine’s Day

January 28, 2013

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your confidence and look your best this February 14th, consider cosmetic dentistry. The cosmetic dentistry services Dr. Latner provides can help you whiten and straighten your teeth, creating a smile you’ll want to share with others.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

Our teeth whitening options include both Zoom! in-office whitening and a professional take-home whitening kit. Both produce professional results, but there are differences. Zoom! Whitening whitens teeth in just one appointment, while take-home whitening lets us brighten your smile in the comfort of your home, on your own schedule. For the best results, Zoom! in-office whitening and take-home whitening should be used together.

For adult patients who want a straighter smile, Dr. Latner provides different options. Invisalign is a great option. Instead of using metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear trays made of acrylic. Because Invisalign’s trays are nearly invisible, your care will be more discreet. What’s more, treatment is often faster and more comfortable. Dr. Latner also offers Six Month Smiles. If you’d like a straighter smile in just six to eight months, Six Month Smiles may be the right treatment option for you.

For patients who want a whiter and straighter-looking smile, porcelain veneers are a popular option. Veneers use thin pieces of porcelain to improve the appearance of front teeth. The result is a dazzling smile that looks naturally beautiful.

Which service is right for you? Is it one of these, or is it another service from the list above? For an answer to that question, call Westside Dental Associates for an appointment with Dr. Latner. Our team is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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