Tooth Colored Fillings - Los Angeles, CA

Remove Decay, Fill Cavities, Without the Metal

man in plaid shirt sitting on couch smilingComposite resin fillings restore health and function to a tooth compromised by decay. When enough healthy tooth structure exists, composite resin fillings are the preferred restorative material. For large cavities or amalgams, inlays or onlays may be recommended.

How is a composite resin filling placed?

To place a tooth-colored filling, Dr. Latner will custom-tint a dab of composite resin to match your tooth color. The liquid resin will be placed in your prepared cavity and then hardened with a cool curing lamp. To complete the procedure, we'll sculpt and polish your filling. Patients appreciate the natural appearance and durable quality of composite resin fillings.

What else can composite resin do?

Resin can be used in cosmetic bonding to reshape teeth, correct chips, and fill gaps between teeth. In some cases, resin can even act as temporary veneers.