Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Los Angeles, CA

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Our patients are constantly asking questions concerning a variety of subjects involving their oral health. That’s why we have provided a list of common dental questions and answers, especially for you. If the question you have is not on our list, please feel free to either call or ask us in person. We would love to help you!

I'm unhappy with my smile. What can Dr. Latner do to enhance it?

As an expert in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Latner specializes in creating and maintaining gorgeous smiles for patients in the Los Angeles area. Few people are born with perfect smiles, but that doesn't mean you can't have one. With esthetic treatments like all-white dental crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, and cosmetic bonding, the smile of your dreams can be within reach. Dr. Latner serves on the board of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, so you can trust his expertise and reputation as a leader in the field.

Do you accept referrals?

We are happy to accept referrals from other dental offices, as well as from our patients regarding their family and friends. Your referrals are our best compliments!

Do you accept my dental insurance?

Our Los Angeles dental office accepts nearly all of the major insurance plans. Also, we're well-versed in the latest coverage trends and are more than happy to discuss the particulars of your plan with you before any treatments you may undergo.

How can I ask Dr. Latner a question directly?

We encourage our patients to have open, direct communication with Dr. Latner. Therefore, he is available daily to answer your questions either via email or voicemail. Depending on office traffic and the complexity of your questions, he strives to respond within 24 hours. Click here to contact Dr. Latner.

I don't like visiting the dentist. Is there anything you can do to help me relax?

We understand many people have qualms about having their teeth worked on. That’s why we strive to create a relaxing atmosphere. For entertainment and distraction, we have special headphones and DVD movies available in all rooms so you can keep your mind on more pleasant things. For the more complex procedures, we also offer sedation dentistry and local anesthesia to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

How does Dr. Latner keep up to date on current techniques and materials?

Dr. Latner subscribes to the latest industry journals to keep tabs on research and development in the dental industry. He also takes time, on a regular basis, for continuing education and ensures that his staff does the same. As a team and as individuals, our dental office in Los Angeles, CA makes it our responsibility to be familiar with the latest techniques and materials available.

What is a smile analysis?

A smile analysis determines the proper aesthetics in regard to your facial symmetry, lip line, and phonetics. Each person has a unique, "perfect" smile – one that’s proportional and flattering to your face. With Smile Analysis, we can show you what your best smile can look like.


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