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September 8, 2015

beautiful smiles from the trusted los angeles dentist dr. les latnerWhen you choose a dentist, you want to make sure he or she is someone you can trust — someone with experience, and compassion. Not only that, but you want to feel at home with the whole team so that from the very moment you walk through the door, you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Afraid of Drills and Needles? Make an Air Abrasion Dental Appointment Today

January 29, 2015

153177890Have You Been Avoiding the Dental Care You Need? Many patients with dental fear and phobia, cringe at the thought of dental treatment. They simply can’t stand the needles, drills, and other tools commonly used by dentists to treat decay or complete restorations. If you’re one of these patients, you should know that Dr. Latner now offers air abrasion treatments. You can opt for air abrasion to treat small cavities, remove old restorations, or correct discoloration. Air abrasion can also be used with children to prepare their teeth for dental sealants. With air abrasion, your dental fear can be a thing of the past. Make your air abrasion dental appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today. Dr. Latner employs the latest dental technologies to ensure that all dental treatments are as fast, efficient, and comfortable as possible. Westside Dental Associates serves patients of all ages throughout West LA and nearby communities including: Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park and Mar Vista.

What Happens During an Air Abrasion Procedure?

Air abrasion treatment works with a mini sandblaster tool that is used to spray away your dental decay. A narrow stream of particles blasts the decayed portion of your tooth. The stream is composed of silica, aluminum oxide, or a baking soda mixture.  The stream is powered by compressed air that pushes through the dental hand-piece. The decay is displaced by the force of the stream and then vacuumed away through a thin tube.

Why Choose Air Abrasion?

  • No heat, noise, pressure, or vibration
  • Less need for anesthetics (needles)
  • Less invasive
  • Dry procedure
  • Reduced risk of tooth fracturing and chipping
  • Treat multiple sites in one appointment
  • Faster than drilling procedures

How Is Air Abrasion Used?

  • Prepare cavity fillings
  • Remove old composite restorations
  • Prepare a tooth for bonding or sealants
  • Remove superficial staining

Air Abrasion Dental Appointments in West Los Angeles

Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today to discover the air abrasion difference. Dr. Latner prioritizes your comfort and care. Westside Dental Associates restores smiles daily for families throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and surrounding cities.

Air Abrasion—An Alternative to Drilling

October 25, 2013

Many patients avoid care because of a fear of needles or drills. But unique technique is helping Dr. Les Latner deliver care without having to use either. With air abrasion, our Los Angeles dental team can help patients overcome decay simply with a combination of air and a very fine powder.

Air abrasion was made specifically for treating small cavities. The high-powered stream of air and powder emitted by Dr. Latner’s tool will remove slight decay from the chewing surfaces of back teeth so that a white filling can be applied.

Because air abrasion doesn’t use needles or drilling, patients can look forward to a more comfortable, and more relaxing, experience. However, if you’re still nervous about getting treatment for your filling, Dr. Latner can talk to you about oral conscious sedation.

With our wide combination of services, we’re confident we can help you get the important help you need before it requires more invasive care.

Do you have questions about how air abrasion works or whether it’s right for you? Call Westside Dental Associates today for a consultation with Dr. Latner. During your visit, we can help you understand your oral health needs and propose a treatment plan that will help you meet them.

Air abrasion is offered to our patients from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West LA, Mar Vista, and beyond.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

April 18, 2013

Earlier this month, we talked about our preference for white fillings, especially in connection with a tool like air abrasion. We cited their resiliency and appearance as key reasons for this; not only can the bond between a tooth and a white filling last for many years, white fillings support the natural structure of teeth in a way that metal fillings don’t, and they look completely natural.

Here’s what you can expect from treatment with white fillings.

First, Dr. Latner will remove the decay from your tooth, using air abrasion if possible. Then, when the tooth has been prepped, Dr. Latner will take the composite resin he’ll be using and tint it to match the shade of your tooth. When the right color has been achieved, the resin will be put in place and hardened with a curing lamp. Afterwards, Dr. Latner will sculpt and polish your white filling until it looks perfect and fits your bite correctly.

In some cases, we may still need to rely on metal fillings, or on a more advanced service like crowns, inlays, or onlays, but when possible, we prefer to use white fillings.

Call Westside Dental Associates to restore one or more teeth with a white filling. We serve patients from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West LA, Mar Visa, and surrounding communities.

More Comfort and Convenience with Air Abrasion

April 11, 2013

Next to local anesthetic, the drill is one of the most dreaded tools of dentistry. Today, though, dentists like Dr. Latner of Westside Dental Associates can provide important care without always relying on a needle or a drill. Using a contemporary tool like air abrasion, our Los Angeles patients can enjoy a more comfortable visit that also leaves more of their natural smile intact.

Air abrasion is a drilling alternative that uses a high-powered stream of air or powder to remove small amounts of decay from back teeth. Because of this, no drilling and no needles are necessary.

After Dr. Latner has used his air abrasion tool to remove decay, a white filling can easily be bonded in place. Our team at Westside Dental Associates favors white fillings for their resiliency and their appearance. With a white filling, our Los Angeles patients can enjoy results that look natural.

Do you want to learn more about how air abrasion is making dental visits more comfortable for patients? Dr. Latner would be happy to answer your questions. Call Westside Dental Associates today to reserve an appointment. Our team serves patients from communities all around the Los Angeles area, including Culver City, Mar Vista, Palms, Westwood, and Brentwood.

Dentistry without a Drill from Dr. Latner

October 2, 2012

What, more than anything, keeps you from regular dental visits? For some it’s the sounds and sensations created by a dental drill. For others it’s the shot of anesthetic just about every filling appointment begins with. In both cases, air abrasion can help.

Air abrasion uses a high-powered stream of air and powder, instead of a drill, to remove decay from teeth. What’s more, because there’s no drilling involved, a shot is often unnecessary. All of which means you can receive the important care you need without two of the most dreaded aspects of dentistry.

Not every cavity can be treated with air abrasion, though; it’s intended for small cavities on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. But with regular checkups at Dr. Latner’s Los Angeles dental office, it’s more likely that any cavities you get can be treated with air abrasion instead of traditional tools.

How long has it been since your last checkup with Dr. Latner and his team at Westside Dental Associates? If it’s been more than six months, consider calling us today at (310) 477-1081 to reserve your appointment. At Westside Dental Associates you’ll find that Dr. Latner offers a comprehensive selection of services to meet the preventive, cosmetic, and restorative needs of his Los Angeles-area patients.

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