Root Canal Therapy - Los Angeles, CA

Relieving Your Pain & Preserving Your Natural Smile

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Your natural teeth are composed of several distinct layers – there’s the outer protection of the enamel, a layer of more sensitive dentin underneath, and finally a safely hidden pulp. If a patient experiences a traumatic dental injury or infection that’s severe enough to reach this vulnerable pulp layer, extraction becomes a very real risk. Thankfully, Dr. Les Latner offers root canal therapy here at Westside Dental Associates as an effective technique for revitalizing and preserving badly decayed teeth. Contact our Los Angeles, CA practice today to schedule your appointment!

What is Root Canal Therapy?

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Root canals are a common procedure that has helped countless Americans save their natural tooth while also curing their severe pain. We typically recommend this procedure for patients who have an infection as a result from severe decay or damage. If the issue isn’t treated in a timely manner, it’ll likely result in additional pain and the need for an extraction, making it important to take care of as soon as possible.

During the root canal procedure, your dentist in Los Angeles will remove the infected pulp of your tooth that’s causing you pain and refill your tooth to rebuild its structure. Our team will top the treated tooth off with a customized crown so you can continue to eat and speak without experiencing any type of pain or discomfort.

Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

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The most common symptom of a tooth infection that patients experience is a severe toothache. Some other signs that you may need root canal therapy include:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Pain while chewing
  • Swelling or redness on the gums near the infected tooth
  • A bump on the gums near the infected tooth

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to contact our office immediately. We offer fast emergency dental care as well as convenient morning and evening appointment times.

The Process of Getting a Root Canal

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The entire root canal procedure typically takes place over the course of two appointments. Dr. Latner will begin by administering anesthesia so you won’t be able to feel a thing during the treatment. He will make a small incision into the damaged tooth and remove the infected pulp. After sterilizing the inner portion of the tooth to make sure that there are no lingering harmful bacteria, he will restore the structure by filling the incision with a substance called gutta percha.

To strengthen and protect your tooth after your procedure, Dr. Latner will craft and secure a customized dental crown to it. This will allow you to continue eating and speaking with complete confidence and comfort.

If you have any questions about root canal therapy in Los Angeles or are experiencing a severe toothache, be sure to contact our office. Our team will answer any concerns you may have and schedule an emergency checkup for as soon as possible.