Air Abrasion—An Alternative to Drilling

October 25, 2013

Many patients avoid care because of a fear of needles or drills. But unique technique is helping Dr. Les Latner deliver care without having to use either. With air abrasion, our Los Angeles dental team can help patients overcome decay simply with a combination of air and a very fine powder.

Air abrasion was made specifically for treating small cavities. The high-powered stream of air and powder emitted by Dr. Latner’s tool will remove slight decay from the chewing surfaces of back teeth so that a white filling can be applied.

Because air abrasion doesn’t use needles or drilling, patients can look forward to a more comfortable, and more relaxing, experience. However, if you’re still nervous about getting treatment for your filling, Dr. Latner can talk to you about oral conscious sedation.

With our wide combination of services, we’re confident we can help you get the important help you need before it requires more invasive care.

Do you have questions about how air abrasion works or whether it’s right for you? Call Westside Dental Associates today for a consultation with Dr. Latner. During your visit, we can help you understand your oral health needs and propose a treatment plan that will help you meet them.

Air abrasion is offered to our patients from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West LA, Mar Vista, and beyond.

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