How Saliva Protects Your Smile

July 30, 2013

general dentistryAs we indicated in our last post, saliva can play an important role in protecting teeth from decay. Specifically, saliva helps neutralize the acid created by bacteria in the mouth. But that’s not all it does.

Saliva is 99% water, and water—as we said last time—helps keep teeth clean. The other 1% of saliva is made up of electrolytes, mucus, glycoproteins, enzymes, and antibacterial compounds. As you eat, saliva breaks down food particles around teeth and offers your enamel special protection. What’s more, because saliva contains calcium and phosphates, it helps with the re-mineralization process, too.

It’s because of saliva’s benefits to oral health that dentist will recommend chewing gum after a meal. Not only will it help you clean your teeth, but it will prevent bacteria from getting out of control and creating destructive acid.

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