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May 9, 2015

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Do you need new or better dentures? Want to find out more about what types of dentures are available to you? A visit to Westside Dental Los Angeles is in order.

Great Denture Options from the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles

Dr. Latner and the wonderful team at Westside Dental in Los Angeles are ready to offer you dentures that look natural, feel natural, and hold up under the pressures of every day use. Because they’re serious about providing the best denture options for each patient, Westside Dental offers 3 types of dentures: Traditional Dentures, Implant-Retained Dentures and Mini Implant Dentures. Whether you think you may need dentures soon or you’re ready for a denture upgrade, Dr. Latner is waiting for your call.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are used to replace full sets of teeth on the top or bottom jaw or multiple teeth on the same arch. Full sets of dentures are secured with adhesive or natural suction. For individual tooth replacement, the dentures are connected to the surrounding teeth.

Some complications that arise from traditional dentures are slippage and the necessity for dentures to be readjusted as gum tissue and bones shrink overtime making it necessary for dentures to be adjusted numerous times.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant-Retained Dentures are unique in that they keep your dentures more securely in place by connecting them to the gums through permanent metal connection implants. There are numerous ways to create implant dentures, and Dr. Latner will create a unique plan to fit your oral health needs.

denturecoupleMini Implant Dentures

In some cases where just a few teeth are missing, mini implants or posts are an option for retaining dentures. Mini implants are a good option for patients who have lost numerous teeth, but not enough for a full replacement. By attaching the teeth to dental implants rather than surrounding teeth, the risk of increased tooth decay due to difficulty cleaning between the teeth is lowered, and more jawbone density is retained. Mini implants can improve overall dental health for many patients.

Both Implant-Reatined and Mini Implant dentures require a certain amount of bone tissue in order to integrate the implants into your jawline through a process called osseointegration. Through osseointegration, the metals supports fuse with your own jaw or cheekbones allowing dentures to be attached more securely and feel more like your own teeth.

Why Wait?

If you are interested in any of Dr. Latner’s denture options, contact us to set up a consultation. Your dental health should not have to wait one more day. Our West Los Angeles, CA dental practice proudly serves patients from Venice, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and beyond.

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