All-On-4 Surgery: What to Eat & Drink Afterward

April 7, 2022

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two blueberry smoothies to drink after All-on-4 surgery

All-on-4 dental implants are a great way to replace an entire arch of one’s teeth. They work by using only four titanium screws to hold a denture in place, which makes this restoration more stable than one that doesn’t use dental implants. This allows you to easily enjoy all of your favorite foods as well as laugh, speak, and smile with friends and family without having to worry about them shifting in your mouth. However, you’ll need to slightly adjust your diet as your mouth heals from All-on-4 surgery to prevent discomfort or complications. Read to learn more about what to expect after the procedure and what foods and drinks to purchase beforehand.

The Basics of All-On-4 Surgery

If you’ve never undergone an oral surgery before, the thought of getting dental implants may sound daunting. Thankfully, the process is fairly straightforward. First, your implant surgeon will give you a local anesthetic to keep you from feeling any pain during the procedure. Then, they will make four incisions in your gums where the implants will be placed. They will insert them into the jawbone and close your gums. Finally, a temporary denture will be attached.

Recovering from All-On-4 Surgery

After the procedure, you will need to rest for at least 24-72 hours as your body recovers. You’ll be prescribed pain medication to alleviate discomfort, and you can use an ice pack or a cold compress to lessen any swelling. Additionally, you can rinse with a mixture of ½ a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water to eliminate bacteria near the surgical sites. Mild soreness and occasional bleeding are to be expected over the next one to two weeks as your mouth heals.

Post-Op Eating & Drinking

Right after surgery, refrain from eating altogether. Avoid hot beverages for at least the first 48 hours post-op. Don’t consume crunchy or hard foods as the swelling and soreness may make eating them difficult. Stick to a mostly liquid diet at first and slowly incorporate soft foods back into your meals. Alcohol and carbonated or acidic drinks should also be avoided for the first several weeks.

How to Stock Up Your Refrigerator and Pantry

Before you undergo an All-On-4 surgery, make sure to fill your fridge and pantry with foods and drinks that are safe for you to enjoy afterward. You will likely have to live on this diet for at least two weeks, so make sure to stock up on:

  • Beverages like water, milk, smoothies, protein shakes, and coconut water
  • Mashed potatoes and other mashed or pureed fruits and veggies
  • Applesauce, yogurt, pudding, and cottage cheese
  • Plain oatmeal and other cooked cereals
  • Ice cream and frozen yogurt
  • Broth or pureed soups
  • Rice or pasta
  • Eggs

By preparing for your All-on-4 surgery ahead of time, you can raise your chances of a successful recovery. You’ll be the proud owner of a bright, beautiful new smile in no time!

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