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Propel - Los Angeles, CA

A Faster, Easier and Pain-Free Addition to Orthodontics

man resting hands and head on stack of booksFor many patients, the time commitment and discomfort involved in realigning malocclusions causes them to avoid orthodontic treatment. As innovations in orthodontia make it possible to offer patients numerous smile correction options, it will likely come as no surprise that there are now products specifically designed to make the process easier, faster, and pain-free. One such product is Propel®, which utilizes bone stimulation to make tooth movement easier. If you’re interested in how Propel® can help you get the flawless smile you’re after in less time, call Dr. Les Latner and his Los Angeles, CA team at Westside Dental Associates.

What is Propel®?

Propel® is an orthodontic acceleration system that’s used in conjunction with Invisalign to shift teeth more easily and painlessly. Propel® stimulates the alveolar bone (supportive bone structure that attaches teeth and gums), allowing this structure to adjust more quickly as teeth move into alignment. This process is referred to as Alveocentesis™. Propel® can be especially beneficial for adult patients; as their teeth are more firmly rooted, new bone development takes longer, and they heal more slowly. All of this makes occlusal correction a more difficult process for adults. However, with Propel®, patients of all ages can have the flawless smile they’re after in half the time.

How Does Propel® Work?

While physicians and dentists typically treat inflammation, Propel® works by causing site-specific inflammation. Dental research revealed that suppressing cytokines (inflammatory cells produced during sleep to heal the body) decreased the rate of tooth movement. Research continued testing the hypothesis that the opposite should be true, and dentists found that increased cytokine production did, in fact, increase the rate of dental motion.

Based on this research and other similar research, Propel® was developed. Propel® systems actually cause micro-osteoperforations (MOPs) to the bone. Essentially, the bone undergoes minor, controlled trauma that causes cytokine release. The cytokines create inflammation that rebuilds and restores dental structure. The state of flux created by the trauma, inflammation, and healing allows the supportive bones to adjust more easily to the motion of the teeth.

What is the Propel® Process?

A dentist or orthodontist can use Propel® on specific teeth or quadrants to increase the speed of alignment. As part of an orthodontic treatment plan, dentists include targeted MOPs (minor bone trauma) using the Propel® system every 6 to 12 weeks throughout alignment. These MOPs procedures typically take place during regularly scheduled orthodontic appointments, and most patients experience only mild discomfort for the first 48 hours after treatment.

With these regular Propel® treatments, Invisalign wearers are typically able to change aligners every 7 to 10 days compared to two or more weeks between aligners without Propel®. Similar results are noted for other orthodontic treatments, and patients typically plan on more frequent adjustment visits to compensate for the accelerated timeline.

What Should I Do Next?

If you’re currently undergoing orthodontic alignment or researching your orthodontic treatment options, Call Dr. Latner and the Westside Dental Associates team to find out more about how Propel® can decrease patient treatment time and discomfort.

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