Dental Crowns & Bridges - Los Angeles, CA

Save Damaged Teeth, Fill Your Smile’s Gaps

woman working in garden smilingWhen one or more teeth are missing in a row, Dr. Latner may recommend a crown and bridge system to restore a strong, complete bite. You may have heard a crown and bridge system referred to as simply a bridge or bridgework. These three terms refer to the same replacement teeth fixture (prosthetic). A bridge is a fixed prosthetic, which means it cannot be removed by the patient.

How is a bridge placed?

Dr. Latner will prepare the teeth on either side of gap so that they can hold crowns. The crowns will anchor the bridge in place. Your custom bridge will contain one or more teeth in a row. If the last tooth on either arch is missing, a cantilever bridge can be secured with only one crown.

Once your teeth are prepared, we'll take an impression for our dental lab. A ceramist will fabricate your bridge according to the impression and Dr. Latner's instructions. To complete your smile between visits, Dr. Latner can place a temporary bridge. You'll return to our Los Angeles dental office for the permanent placement of your bridge.

What will happen if I don't get a bridge?

If missing teeth are not replaced, remaining teeth can shift out of place. This can lead to problems with occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together), which can in turn lead to TMJ dysfunction and/or bruxism (teeth grinding). Furthermore, missing teeth can alter speech and chewing ability. If teeth are missing in the front of the mouth, a patient may suffer from decreased self-confidence as well.