The Veneer Process: How Much Enamel Will Be Removed?

February 3, 2022

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Are you considering getting a complete makeover for your teeth? If so, you might already be looking into dental veneers in Los Angeles. As you consider moving forward with this popular service, you’re probably wondering what you can expect from the entire process. Perhaps a very important detail about the procedure is the removal of some enamel. Read on to learn how much enamel will be removed and why it’s crucial.

Why Is It Important to Remove Enamel for Veneers?

Before veneers can be bonded, your teeth must have some of their surface filed off. Your makeover could be as simple as covering a tooth stain or as complicated as fixing chipped or hiding misaligned teeth. The amount of enamel removed will depend on the severity of adjustments you will want.

Fortunately, veneers are as slim as contact lenses while remaining durable. This means that only a very small amount of enamel will be shaved off so that the veneers will hold best. Your dentist will want to preserve as much tooth as possible, just enough to make the cosmetic changes while allowing you to keep your natural teeth. Usually, this requires for about 0.5mm of enamel to be removed.

It’s also important that a tiny portion of your teeth is removed so that your veneers don’t appear bulky. Your dentist will make sure they match the color and pattern of your natural smile. Plus, their durability will allow the shells to protect the part of the tooth they cover.

How Will Veneers Affect Your Smile?

Dental veneers will improve the way your smile looks, both whitening and fixing any cracks in your teeth. Those made of porcelain are also stain-resistant, which makes it easier to keep them looking fresh. Additionally, your gums will most likely respond well to your veneers. With good dental hygiene, they can last you many years.

Once the treatment is done, you’ll be able to shine your pearly whites for the world to see. They may take some time to get used to, and you’ll want to be careful with applying too much pressure as to not chip or break them. Other than that, you can rest assured that your smile will look better than ever!

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