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April is National Stress Awareness Month! Alleviate Stress Induced Bruxism with a Custom Nightguard in West LA

March 28, 2015

185983980Do you struggle with uncontrolled teeth grinding (bruxism)? Each April, dental and health care professionals across the country join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures of the modern stress epidemic. For dentists, there is a particular responsibility to help patients understand the stress induced habit of nightly teeth grinding, and the negative effects it can have on your dental health. Untreated teeth grinding can result in the fracturing, loosening, or complete loss of your natural teeth. Bruxism not only damages teeth and causes tooth loss, but can also affect your jaw joints, resulting in hearing problems and TMJ disorder, or even changes to your facial features. Don’t let stress induced bruxism rob you of your oral and overall health. Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates for a custom nightguard to alleviate your stress induced bruxism symptoms today. Dr. Latner delivers patient centered care daily throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Stress Induced Bruxism?

Bruxism is a chronic condition in which you unconsciously grind, gnash, or clench your teeth. The grinding can occur while you’re awake or asleep. If you clench or grind your teeth during sleep, you are likely to have other sleep disorders as well, such as sleep apnea. Mild bruxism may not require treatment, however, bruxism can be frequent and severe enough to lead to jaw disorders, headaches, damaged teeth, and other health problems in some patients.

Do You Suffer From Stressed Induced Bruxism?

While the exact cause of bruxism is not completely known; daily stress can trigger the condition in many patients. It’s estimated that almost 70% of bruxism is stress or anxiety induced. Whether or not bruxism causes pain and other problems may be a complicated mix of factors including poor posture, stress coping abilities, diet, and sleeping habits.

West LA Stress Induced Bruxism Treatment Appointments

If you suffer from stress induced bruxism, Dr. Latner can create a custom fitted nightguard or bite splint to prevent bruxism related tooth damage and alleviate pressure on your jaw joints and facial muscles during sleep. Be proactive with your health and wellness in 2015 and schedule a bruxism treatment appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today. Dr. Latner is a trusted family dentist, now proudly serving patients of all ages daily throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the neighboring areas.

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