Stop Pain in Its Tracks with West LA Root Canal Therapy

January 22, 2015

Do you have periodic tooth pain and sensitivity? Many patients tolerate tooth pain and discomfort, which are clear signs of infection, because they want to avoid visiting the dentist. They may fear dental work, and so they wait until their pain becomes literally unbearable. But you shouldn’t be waiting for a dental emergency to treat a tooth infection. A simple root canal procedure can immediately eliminate your pain, and save your tooth from further decomposition. Tooth sensitivity can also be a warning sign of infection. Don’t put up with dental problems any longer. Be proactive with your dental health and make your root canal therapy appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today. Root canal therapy can stop pain and sensitivity and save your natural teeth from extraction. Westside Dental Associates restores smiles daily throughout West Los Angeles and nearby areas including Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park and Mar Vista.

What Is a Root Canal?

Beneath your tooth’s outer layer of enamel is a soft pulp tissue core. This pulp is composed of nerves, arteries, veins, lymph vessels, and connective tissues. The nerves enter your tooth at the tip of the roots. From here, nerves run through the center of the root into your root canals. Root canals are tiny divisions that branch off from the pulp chamber to the tip of the roots. You may have anywhere from one to four canals.

Why You Need Root Canal  Therapy

Your dental pulp can become infected with harmful bacteria and die from a deep cavity, fracture, or injury. This dead pulp causes pressure inside the tooth, resulting in inflammation, bleeding, tooth ache pain, and sensitivity. Root canal therapy will remove the dead pulp to stop the infection.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

  • First, Dr. Latner will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around your infected tooth. A rubber dam is then placed around the tooth. Then, a hole is drilled into the crown to access the pulp chamber.
  • Next, Dr. Latner will cleanse and disinfect the pulp chamber and root canals.
  • Finally, the canals are filled with a rubber like material called gutta-percha to prevent future contamination. After being filled, the tooth is permanently sealed. Finally, a dental crown is cemented over the tooth to restore its full form and function.

West LA Root Canal Therapy Appointments  

Make an appointment with Dr. Latner for the root canal therapy you need today. Dr. Latner is an experienced and compassionate restorative dentist. Westside Dental Associates proudly serves families throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and nearby areas.


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