Your Los Angeles Dentist Helps Fight Halloween Cavities

October 1, 2015

Kids celebrating Halloween with lots of candy. fight cavities with help from your los angeles dentistWhen you think of Halloween you likely think kids in costumes with buckets of candy, but what most dental practitioners see is a one way ticket on the cavity express. Many holiday favorites are high in sugar and lead to tooth decay. This is especially true for our littlest smiles. Children’s teeth are still developing, and kids are not as coordinated as adults which makes cleaning teeth a challenge. That’s why it’s essential to protect kids’ teeth from decay with thorough at-home care, and six month checkups and cleanings at Westside Dental Associates.

Los Angeles Dentist Gives Kids Dental Hygiene Tips

We all know kids love Halloween. They dress up and get treats at school, at home, and from the entire neighborhood. It’s a fun, festive fall tradition that no kid should have to miss. Though high sugar foods and beverages at fall festivities put a smile on your child’s face, they may also be damaging that smile.  At Westside Dental Associates, Dr. Les Latner and his Los Angeles dental team have some helpful hints to help your kids make it through the holiday cavity free.

  • Brush brush brush your teeth – Brushing twice a day should always be a priority, but brushing after eating high sugar foods may mean the difference between a healthy smile and a painful toothache. Monitor your child closely to ensure they brush for 2 minutes, reach all surfaces of their teeth, and make sure children don’t eat more candy after brushing.
  • Flossing makes a difference – Flossing can be difficult since kids often lack the dexterity to complete this task properly on their own. However, getting sugars and bacteria out of hard to reach areas with floss is essential.
  • Mouth wash – Don’t want to brush or floss on the go at Halloween parties or cupcake day at school? Send a small amount of kid-friendly antimicrobial mouth wash with your child to use after eating sweets.
  • H2O – Water is good for the whole body, and is a great alternative to the high sugar, acidic beverages often found at Halloween parties. Drinking plenty of water increases the flow of saliva that neutralizes acidic bacteria and rinses away food particles.
  • Monitor daily candy intake – One of the best ways to help your child maintain oral health during candy season is to limit the amount of sugar in your child’s diet. For instance, determine an appropriate number of Halloween candies to be eaten each day, and enforce it.

Thorough Teeth Cleanings from the Family Dentist Los Angeles Relies On

Another great way to keep your kids cavity free during the holidays is to bring them in for a checkup and teeth cleaning. Not only do thorough, professional cleanings remove hardened tartar that brushing and flossing alone don’t, we also help you and your child understand best brushing habits and ways to improve at-home care routines. When necessary, we provide dental sealants to protect back teeth from bacteria, and fluoride treatments to fortify enamel.

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