Is It Possible To Grow New Teeth? It May Be In the Future

March 15, 2013

Right now, one of the best ways for a dentist to restore the natural functionality of his or her patient’s smile is with dental implants. But that could be changing very soon.

Recently, the Journal of Dental Research published research revealing that stem cells taken from a patient’s own gum tissue can be used to bioengineer new teeth. The result is a new tooth more effective than what dental implants can provide.

The process involves taking gum tissues, isolating a particular combination of cells, and then implanting them in the patient’s jaw. From there, those cells will develop into a new tooth.

You won’t find too many dentists offering this service just yet, though. Bioteeth are still just a matter of research. But with the passage of time, it’s not unreasonable to expect that this process could become the new standard, giving patients a genuinely natural smile again.

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