Important Care for Wisdom Teeth

March 14, 2014

You have probably heard about wisdom teeth, but do you know what they are or why they need to be removed? Wisdom teeth are sometimes called third molars, but whatever purpose they once served, our bodies no longer have any use for them—or any room, for that matter.

Unfortunately, they’ll start emerging anyway between the ages of 15 and 25. If wisdom teeth are allowed to come through, patients can experience painful crowding that pushes teeth out of alignment, or they can experience impaction. An impacted tooth will get stuck or emerge in whatever way it can. In both cases, it’s possible for an infection, a cyst, or a tumor to develop around the tooth. In other cases, the tooth may come in sideways, backwards, or forwards.

To prevent this from happening, Dr. Latner will start watching for the development of a young patient’s wisdom teeth around the ages of 11 or 12. It’s a good idea to have wisdom teeth removed close to the ages of 17 or 19, to prevent any of these complications from developing.

No one wants to have teeth extracted, of course, but with today’s technology and a service like sedation dentistry, the experience can be comfortable. What’s more, the procedure can be completed in a single appointment.

Does someone in your family still have his or her wisdom teeth? Call Dr. Latner’s Los Angeles dental office today to schedule a consultation appointment. During the appointment, our team at Westside Dental Associates can talk more about the importance of having wisdom teeth extracted. We can also tell you what to expect from the procedure.

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