How to Find an Emergency Dentist When You Need One ASAP

November 23, 2023

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A woman seeing her emergency dentist ASAP

As you might know, dental emergencies are often disruptive. They tend to happen at the worst possible times and places! Still, you can manage these incidents if you act quickly enough. All you need to do is find an emergency dentist ASAP. Once you have, your damaged smile will get much-needed care. Luckily, reaching the right dental specialist is pretty simple. Here are four crucial tips for finding an emergency dentist on short notice.

Quickly Do an Internet Search

While the Internet isn’t always reliable, it can help you locate care providers. Therefore, conduct a quick web search for nearby emergency dentists. After filtering the results and checking online reviews, you’ll likely find a good one.

As you screen the prospects, look for details like:

  • Whether a dentist offers same-day appointments
  • If a practice has an after-hours phone number you can call
  • A special e-mail address that you can use to reach out
  • Listings of a practice’s response time to emergencies

Call Ahead of Your Visit

Yes, some dentists welcome walk-in emergency patients. Even so, you should call your preferred one beforehand. This action could reduce your wait time and lead to faster care.

If your emergency is outside business hours, it’s still a good idea to call. The dental team might pick up and book a visit for you. On the other hand, their voicemail may offer contact details for an on-call dentist.

Perform Preliminary Care

While booking your visit, ask the dentist about any preliminary care you can perform. They could provide ways to manage your emergency before a treatment.

Depending on your problem, the preliminary care may vary. It might involve using gauze to control bleeding near relevant areas. In contrast, the dentist may suggest preserving a tooth that’s been knocked out. You might even need to swish saltwater to reduce an oral infection.

Get Needed Treatment

As soon as you can, see your emergency dentist at their office. They and their team will work tirelessly to address your oral problem.

In particular, the emergency visit will take several steps. The first is an oral exam assessing your teeth and gums. Next, the dentist will diagnose your issue and present care options. Based on your feedback, they’ll draft a treatment plan and answer your questions. Lastly, you’ll receive a procedure that eases your pain and restores your smile.

Should you try the tricks above, you’ll surely find an emergency dentist ASAP. So, what are you waiting for? Use them now and get the help you need!

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