Dentist in Los Angeles CA: Eat This for Oral Health

December 22, 2015

dentist los angeles caWe all have our favorite home remedies. Here’s one of ours: ever heard of the apple trick? It’s not some juggling or baking act. No, it’s what happens around 2pm, when your breath is less than fresh — and instead of ignoring it, you head to the kitchen and bite into a crunchy apple. You know the feeling: a few bites in and your mouth suddenly feels clean and well hydrated. This is just one food trick that positively impacts your oral health — keep reading for more from your dentist in Los Angeles CA, Dr. Les Latner!

Dentist in Los Angeles Has Nutrition Advice for Oral Health

Children and adults alike can improve the health of their smiles with a few nutritional tweaks.  Listen up to these five nutrition tips for fresher breath and cleaner, healthier teeth and gums.

#5: Hydrate With Water

A clean mouth is also a hydrated mouth. You can keep the saliva flowing after meals and throughout the morning and afternoon by sipping on water, says Dr. Latner. If you have trouble remembering to hydrate, slip a reusable water bottle into your bag or briefcase before heading out for the day.

#4: Snack on Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Just like with the apple trick, crunchy fruits and vegetables can help hydrate the mouth to neutralize breath. Additionally, their rougher parts of produce like celery, raw carrots and apples can help to scrub away plaque and surface stains — that’s why crunchy nuts are good for cleaning teeth, too. Keep a stash of healthy snacks at school or work to enhance your oral health.

#3: Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet

You know it’s good for your overall wellbeing, but eating a well-balanced diet also impacts your oral health in a big way. Dr. Latner advises maintaining a diet full of whole grains, low-fat dairy and protein as well as fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy teeth and gums.

#2: Rinse With Water

It’s excellent if you can make a habit of brushing your teeth after meals or at least one extra time throughout the day, but if not, at least make a habit of rinsing your mouth out with water after consuming sugar. It’s not only great for washing away extra acids and food particles, but it will also go far in protecting your teeth against stains.

#1: Watch the Acids

You know coffee isn’t great for the shade of your teeth, but did you know its acid content can also significantly weaken the tooth enamel? That’s right. The acids in fruit, juices, wine and most candy and sugared beverages are real enamel killers. Watch what you’re putting into your mouth — and when you do indulge, make sure you don’t swish or hold the material in your mouth for long.

Keep Up Your Excellent Oral Hygiene Habits

In addition to taking these nutrition guidelines into mind, make sure you’re also maintaining excellent oral hygiene. That includes brushing for two minutes, twice a day, flossing daily and visiting your Los Angeles dentist twice a year. And if you’re a parent, know that Dr. Latner is also your child’s Los Angeles pediatric dentist. If it’s been awhile since your or your loved one’s last dental checkup, contact our office to schedule your appointment today.

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