We’ve Got One Secret For Fighting Tooth Decay

December 15, 2015

dentist los angeles caAs your dentist in Los Angeles CA, I want your teeth to be as healthy as they are beautiful. That’s why I’m happy to have this blog to share important, up-to-date information about your oral health. And today, I’ve got one big tip for fighting tooth decay: vitamin D. Keep reading to learn why, and how you can incorporate more into your diet.

Your Dentist in Los Angeles Says Preventing Tooth Decay Is Simple

A new study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews reports that vitamin D can help prevent tooth decay. In the study, 3,000 children received vitamin D either through supplemental UV exposure or by introducing items containing the vitamin, such as cod liver oil, into their diet. The result?

Increased Vitamin D led to a 50 percent drop in tooth decay.

Researchers believe the drop may be attributed to the fact that vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, a mineral necessary for excellent tooth health.

The link between vitamin D and strong teeth is something we’ve been aware of for a while, but I always like to see research reaffirm the link. Insufficient amounts of the vitamin can have serious effects on oral and overall health — children who are vitamin D deficient teeth later and are at a higher risk of tooth decay.

How To Increase Vitamin D Levels for Healthy Teeth

Now that you know how crucial vitamin D is for excellent oral health, you’re probably wondering if you’re getting enough in your diet — and how to get more if you’re not. Surprisingly enough, 40 to 75 percent of people are actually vitamin D deficient. That’s because the vitamin isn’t abundant in our food sources, and the sun — a well-known supplier — isn’t always a reliable source for everyone. Even in sunny LA, people who work in an office may not see enough sunlight to achieve appropriate vitamin D levels.

Before you consider adding a vitamin D supplement to your diet, consider trying to meet the recommended daily value, 600 IU, through your diet. Here are some good food sources of vitamin D.

  • Salmon
  • Cod liver oil
  • Vitamin D fortified milk and orange juice
  • Fortified yogurt
  • Mushrooms

Remember that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it doesn’t flush out of your body as easily as water-soluble vitamins. Try to get enough of the vitamin, but not too much — pay attention to the amount you’re receiving by checking the nutrition facts.

Prevent Decay With Regular Visits to the Los Angeles Dentist

In addition to adding vitamin D to your diet, you should also continue to maintain your excellent oral hygiene habits to prevent tooth decay. That means brushing for two minutes, twice a day, flossing daily and visiting Dr. Latner, your Los Angeles dentist, every six months. If it’s been awhile since your last dental checkup, don’t wait — contact our office to request your appointment today!

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