Confused About Dental Terms? Here Is a Quick Primer!

October 20, 2017

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examining dictionaryAre you a word nerd? If not, you probably don’t know all the dental terms that relate to your oral health. Even if you love words, though, you still might be a little foggy on the meanings of certain words and phrases as they relate to oral health. Don’t worry — your friendly dentist is here to guide you through the ABCs of caring for that stunning smile of yours!

Parts of the Mouth

Oral anatomy 101, here we come:

  • Periodontal tissue — Your gums, the pink tissue that holds your teeth in place.
  • Palate — The roof of your mouth.
  • Enamel — The outermost layer of your teeth. It is the hardest substance in your body.
  • Dentin — The middle layer of your teeth. It’s usually yellowish in color. It’s what you see when your enamel wears thin and your teeth don’t look like themselves.
  • Pulp — The innermost layer of the teeth.
  • Crown — The entire part of the tooth that is above the gum line. This word can also refer to a custom cover that your dentist places over a tooth in order to protect it against damage.
  • Root — The part of the tooth below the gum line. It does not have a layer of enamel.

Dental Treatments

Need to get some work done? Here are some common procedures:

  • Dental implants — A secure way to replace teeth. Unlike dentures, they stay permanently in your mouth and can last a lifetime. They use titanium posts that imitate tooth roots along with a porcelain crown that looks like a natural tooth.
  • Porcelain veneers — Little pieces of porcelain that cover teeth. They disguise flaws and make your smile absolutely gorgeous!
  • Invisalign — A type of clear braces that uses thermoplastic aligners to move teeth into their proper places.
  • Zoom! whitening — A professional treatment that can dramatically whiten teeth in just an hour or so.
  • Onlays and inlays — Alternatives to traditional metal fillings that can give teeth back their strength and beauty.
  • Root canal therapy — A treatment that cleans out an infected or damaged area of a tooth. It can save a tooth from extraction and end the pain you may be experiencing.

Oral Health Conditions

Is your smile a little under the weather? You might be suffering from:

  • Periodontal disease — Gum disease. The beginning stage is known as gingivitis, and the advanced form is called periodontitis.
  • Abscessed tooth — A tooth has an infection that has spread around the tooth’s root.
  • Dead tooth — A condition in which the blood vessels and nerves in the tooth’s root no longer have any blood flowing to them.
  • Avulsed tooth — When one tooth gets completely knocked out.
  • Halitosis — Bad breath, sometimes caused by poor oral hygiene.

If you’re still a little confused about dental terms, don’t worry. Feel free to talk to your dentist before any procedure so you can be a well-informed patient.

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