Pediatric Dentistry and Your Child

January 31, 2013

We understand the importance of dental care for adults, but it’s equally important to care for the health of your child’s teeth as well. Pediatric dentistry is an important dental specialty recognized by the ADA. Dentists in this field are skilled and practiced at caring for the health of children’s teeth.

Your child should first go to a dentist when they are one year old. This may seem rather young, but cavities can occur at any age, and it’s important to get started on a health routine early.

When taking your child to the dentist, make sure you’re taking them to a pediatric dentist. They’re prepared and experienced at handling young children and their needs. They also know how to work with a small patient that may not always stay still. If you don’t know who you should take your little one to see, your general dentist may be able to provide a referral.

The pediatric dentist will examine your child’s teeth and go over health concerns and proper brushing techniques with you. The sooner you start taking your child to the dentist the better. You don’t want your child’s first dental appointment to end with them having to get a mouth full of fillings, as this could cause them to become fearful of the dentist. Their first dental memory needs to be a pleasant one, to instill in them that going to the dentist is important for the health of their teeth and gums.

A pediatric dentist can also give you advice about teething, thumb sucking, and information on how your child’s teeth will grow and develop. A pediatric dentist is an important resource.

Don’t forget, once your child is a year old, it’s time for their first dental appointment. Pediatric dentistry plays an important role in the dental health care system and in our own personal dental health. Dr. Les Latner is a trained pediatric dentist, having completed his residency at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

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