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Dr. Les Latner has been delivering excellent results for his cosmetic and general dentistry patients in Los Angeles since 1984. Meeting his patients demands in the fast pace of LA life is a tall order, but Dr. Latner has proven himself more than worthy of that challenge. Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry practice has flexible hours, a complete range of dental services in one location, and the experience and skills to make your dream smile a reality. Committed to gentle, personalized care, Dr. Latner and our team listen to your needs and fulfill them using the highest-quality materials and a modern approach. You'll feel completely taken care of at our Los Angeles, CA office.

Experience You Can Trust

Why are we so confident that one visit will make you a loyal patient? Many reasons. Dr. Latner's trustworthy manner, and ability to explain treatment options simply and in terms patients appreciate. His straightforward advice culled from a long history as a leader in the cosmetic and general dentistry field is another merit. Dr. Latner loves showing patients what cosmetic dentistry can do for them, giving them previews of the smile they can achieve with treatments like porcelain veneers, dental implants, Invisalign clear braces, and more.

Care for Your Whole Family

Besides offering care that meets the general, cosmetic, and restorative care of adults, Dr. Latner can also address the needs of children through pediatric dentistry. Providing a space where adults and their children can have back-to-back appointments is one way we’re helping our LA patients take care of their important needs in a way that works with their schedule. What’s more, when children are taught to make brushing and flossing a habit early on, it can lead to a lifetime of diligent care at home and, subsequently, good health.

Smile Confidently with Invisalign Orthodontics

Our team at Westside Dental Associates understands the personal and professional importance of a confident smile. But traditional orthodontic treatments can be awkward and inconvenient. That’s why Dr. Latner now offers the convenience of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear aligners. Instead of the unsightly brackets and wires braces that broadcast your orthodontic treatment to the world for two years or more, Invisalign uses nearly invisible and removable clear aligners that can straighten your teeth in half the time. As a fast, easy, and cosmetically discreet option, Invisalign also provides reliable, predictable results. You can also enjoy all of your favorite foods, and keep up your normal oral hygiene routine with Invisalign. If you wish you had a straighter smile, but don’t wish to deal with the inconvenience of traditional braces, let Dr. Latner and his experienced LA dental team transform your smile with Invisalign orthodontic treatment today.

Personalized Care for Los Angeles and Beyond

Regardless of whether we’re delivering care to a child or an adult, our goal is always the same—to provide personalized care. We’re all susceptible to common conditions, like gum disease and tooth decay, but no one has exactly the same needs. With personalized care from Dr. Latner and our caring team at Westside Dental Associates, we can help you and your family build and preserve a healthy, beautiful smiles.

You should love your smile. Schedule a consultation with Los Angeles dental expert Dr. Les Latner by calling our Los Angeles, CA dentistry office today. We provide excellent cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic restorative dentistry to discerning patients in the Los Angeles area and beyond. With the latest technology, clinical mastery, and compassionate care, Dr. Latner and our team of professionals will create uniquely stunning smile just for you.

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